Satellite Monitoring of Special Machinery

Tracking and analysis

GPS/GLONASS monitoring of transport has proven its efficiency in different spheres – concerning special machinery it allows users to improve work safety and discipline and also to control equipment wear.

ANTOR MonitorMaster supports solution of narrow tasks connected with using building, mining, agricultural machines and also passenger road transport. Analyze results for any given period with the help of advanced reporting system and save up to 40% on fuel and maintenance of expensive vehicles.


Special tools

Are vehicles unloaded out of permitted area? What is unauthorized idle time connected with?

Define in ANTOR MonitorMaster geographical areas for satellite monitoring of special machinery and receive automatic notifications about violations in transport usage.

It is possible to activate some sensors:

  • fuel level and consumption;
  • mode of engine work;
  • temperature;
  • pressure on axis;
  • acceleration and deceleration;
  • position and inclination angle of a mechanism (truck body, manipulator, etc.);
  • switching on drilling mode;
  • rotation of a concrete mixer, etc.


Communication with a driver

Expand opportunities of satellite monitoring of transport by using drivers’ mobile devices – a special application allows drivers not only to use their phone or tablet as a personal GPS/GLONASS tracker but also to exchange information about tasks execution, problems, etc.

With ANTOR TeamMaster™ you can timely inform executors about changes in current plans, receive comprehensive data about malfunction or record details of a driver’s communication with contractors while delivering/collecting a cargo or performing some work.


Decrease in mileage and idle time

Strict routes built in advance make further control of special machinery more transparent and detailed. ANTOR™ program products help users efficiently divide all the tasks among vehicles taking into account their characteristics and areas and then upload data into the monitoring system to comply plan with fact.

If routes of your transport are close to fixed routes – our specialists will perform comprehensive calculations as outsourcing and will provide ready-to-use optimized schedules of vehicles work on every weekday.

Your special machinery is used as intended
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Control of fuel and decrease in expenses on maintenance and repairs


Detailed reports for management solutions

Improvement of discipline and stop of violations

Safety improvement and compliance with regulations