Optimal Routes of Daily Bread Delivery

Decrease in transport expenses

Short storage life and stable demand are responsible for peculiarities in bread and confectionery logistics. Fixed delivery routes and delivery time can be calculated for every client once a month, a quarter or even a year.

ANTOR™ IT-products help a logistician find the most efficient solution to deliver more goods without increasing the number of vehicles. Automatic building of optimal delivery routes simplifies the task and minimizes risk of mistakes.


Tools of routing

Are your fixed delivery routes optimal? – check it with a trial calculation in ANTOR LogisticsMaster™. The system has got a special mode for working with trip templates allowing users to save them for any weekday and to edit them if necessary. For baking companies – special terms of buying a license.

If there is no need in buying the program, order routes optimization from our specialists as a service and enjoy the result.


Delivery control

Monitor execution of delivery schedules and compliance with conditions for bread/confectionery delivery – with GPS/GLONASS monitoring complex unexpected expenses on transport logistics are a thing of the past. Because of constant control your car fleet works strictly according to the plan and fresh products find their way on shelves always on time.

As a result, you get up to 30-40% decrease in expenses on transport and repairs and constantly growing clients’ loyalty. The system notifies a dispatcher about any problem and you can check detailed reports for plan-fact analysis at any time.


Sales agents automation

Sales representatives monitor goods availability in shops and correct orders so that you could exactly plan your production. Their automation increases return on delivery management and makes distribution more efficient.

Building balanced areas and optimal routes will allow them to spend more time looking for new clients and communication with customers will become more productive and faster with a retail execution solution.

Proper organization of sales representatives’ work contributes to sales increase and decreases percentage of returned goods.

Your products find customers quicker
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Optimized mileage and fuel saving

Work monitoring and improvement in the level of service


Detailed reports for management solutions


Increase in active client base and sales volume