Comprehensive Management of FMCG Distribution

Sales strategic planning

Are you trying to increase the level of sales into retail outlets? – a key to success is in the smart organization of sales representatives. Market leaders’ experience shows that centralized planning of their routes increases the number of visits up to 15-20% and makes distribution management more efficient.

ANTOR™ software is intended to help receive quick and optimal results despite of a lot of initial data and limitations. Sales representatives management based on accurate plans allows them to fulfill a larger volume of tasks with the same workforce.


Automation of taking orders

Support increase in the number of visits with their quality improvement. With retail execution solution an agent has got actual information about a customer and remaining goods, can take precise orders and convince a client more efficiently spending 2-3 times less time on it than before.

Comprehensive automation of sales representatives on strategic and operational management levels allows users to get maximum profit from every visit to a sales outlet.


Goods delivery management

When sales representatives are equipped with up-to-date technologies, the number of orders and speed of their sending to the office increase. Does organization of your outbound logistics suit new conditions?

The peculiarity of IT-solutions from ANTOR Group of Companies is their comprehensiveness: automation of delivery allows users to distribute orders among optimized routes and to make their processing faster supporting sales growth and increasing the level of service.


Control, analysis and motivation

Smart planning when managing distribution is 100% efficient if only it’s supplemented with objective monitoring: routes of visiting and goods delivery are run in the recommended order and unreasonable expenses are minimal.

We offer a set of flexible solutions for monitoring road transport and mobile personnel depending on Client’s business-processes and products characteristics. ANTOR™ products contain a built-in reporting system for detailed analysis – formulate feasible KPI for your employees and monitor their achievement.

Presence of your goods in retail outlets becomes wider
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Increase in number of visits and active client base

Work monitoring and improvement in the level of service


Detailed reports for management solutions


Motivating employees with feasible KPI