Comprehensive Automation of Transport Company

Connection with the driver

When the level of service is above everything, it’s not enough just to monitor a location of a vehicle with cargo: it’s important to understand what happens on the way and during the delivery. Using a mobile application a driver can timely send important information to the office – it can be absence of a client, detected damages, the documents given or payment received from the client.

Automation of a transport company becomes comprehensive when planning and monitoring are supplemented with management and analysis.


Objective monitoring

Monitor rational routes execution using satellite monitoring of transport. ANTOR™ products allow users not only to compare an actual track of the vehicle with the planned one but also to analyze indicators of trips execution in a plan-fact mode with the help of customized reports.

We offer flexible installation options: starting from a ready-made solution up to setting up retranslation from side monitoring systems and integration with tachographs used by many transport companies.


Intercity transportation management

Profitability of an intercity delivery decreases due to lots of idle time of transport. Is there a way to make it less?

ANTOR IDP allows users to avoid a lot of mistakes while planning schedules and delivery routes, to calculate a trip cost price and reasonable service prices. The program takes into account transportation of cargos on the way and assembled cargos, trailers and other significant parameters.

Using the program for transport companies you will find new opportunities for growth and development of delivery directions.


Optimization of city delivery

Transportation in the city is a real challenge for freight transport. Extensive road net, constant traffic jams and limitations on the way make delivery routes planning a diligent process which demands taking into account dozens of factors.

ANTOR™ programs have been created to help transport companies which try to deliver cargo to their consignees right on time. Get decrease in mileage and increase in car fleet loading up to 20% spending on daily planning not more than an hour.

Your transport is a source of income, not expenses
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Optimized mileage and fuel saving

Monitoring of delivery, vehicles operation and personnel work


Detailed reports for management solutions

Generation of competitive rates