Automation of Logistics and Sales in Pharmaceutical Companies

Planning of visits

How many visits can a medical representative perform daily? If you know an exact answer to this question you can intensify communication with key opinion makers, more efficiently inform employees of pharmacies and health care facilities about new products and increase sales.

ANTOR™ programs help create optimal schedules of medical representatives’ work taking into account dozens of factors: from a client’s characteristics up to an employee’s working time and road net. Optimized plans contribute to 15-25% growth in the number of visits.



In order to transform quantity into quality provide your employees with mobile tools to support the visit. Get clients’ feedback and analyze KPI recording details of every agent’s visit.

The application allows an employee to conduct interactive presentations and to update a client’s profile in CRM-system with up-to-date information without mistakes. Monitor work of medical representatives in the program created with taking into account specifics of pharmaceutical business and become closer to the market.


Comprehensive control

Careless driving makes wear of company cars faster and personal trips during working time lead to higher fuel consumption and failure to fulfill plans. To stop violations and minimize risks equip transport – your own vehicles as well as leased ones – with a system of satellite monitoring.

While importing optimized plans of medical representatives, control is supplemented with plan-fact analysis. Monitor routes compliance and transport usage with the help of the complex solution for automation of pharmaceutical companies.


Management of medicine distribution

If your medicine is not on a pharmacy shelf at the right moment – the customer will choose a competitor’s product. Taking into account importance of logistics in pharmaceutics we offer you to use program solutions for planning and monitoring delivery and to decrease response time for new orders.

Using ANTOR™ IT-products building delivery routes takes on average 3 times less time with strict compliance with time intervals. If necessary you can monitor a temperature mode and other transportation conditions.

Your marketing expenses are more efficient
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Increase in number of visits and active client base


Detailed reports for management solutions

Motivating employees with feasible KPI

Feedback from the industry professionals