Automation of Delivery Service of Online Store

Competitive advantage

Competition in e-commerce is tough and your customers demand strict conditions of service and time compliance. Only one occasion of being late or impossibility to deliver an item on time – and your client might be lost forever.

ANTOR Group of Companies offers a set of professional IT-products for planning and management allowing users to comprehensively automate an online store or a courier delivery service. Advantages:

  • timely service;
  • reasonable rates for different areas and customers;
  • decrease in transport expenses up to 20-30%.


Smart routing of orders

How to achieve timely execution of orders with dynamic planning of routes when your client base isn’t fixed and gets dozens of new addresses every day?

ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ will help a dispatcher optimize routes taking into account time intervals and other limitations – efficiently and without mistakes. The program increases efficiency of online store delivery service decreasing time which vehicles spend on the way. As a result clients receive goods on time and vehicles can serve more orders including those which have been taken on that day.


Delivery monitoring and accepting payments

Eliminate the distance barrier between the office and a courier – information containing all the details of every task will be transferred to a mobile device for monitoring and prompt connection.

The key peculiarity of internet store automation is integration of the program managing delivery with the acquiring system for processing cash and cashless payments. Monitor what cargo has actually been accepted by the client and resume selling the remaining items before they get back to the warehouse.


Profitability analysis

ANTOR™ programs have broad analytical functionality so that you could monitor KPI for any period and make proper decisions. You can analyze statistics of orders and cost price of their fulfillment as well as identify problematic clients.

Automation concerns all aspects of delivery service work – from new requests processing up to communication with a client. To find your customer in the right place in due time – send him a link on tracking the route of a vehicle.

Your delivery service works faster
with ANTOR™ IT-products features

Optimization of time on the way and at the client’s

Work monitoring and improvement in the level of service


Motivating employees because of feasible KPI

Analysis of delivery and clients’ profitability