System of Transport and Cargo Transportation Management



  • induced idle time
  • empty mileage


  • cargo capacity usage
  • transport turnover

Solve problems of intercity cargo transportation routes building

  • cargo transportation schedule doesn’t match the volume of orders?

  • drivers have to be idle longer than they need for rest?

  • vehicles spend extra hours or even days in trips?

  • transport goes a bigger part of the way half-empty?

  • unified tariffs can’t be used for different clients?

Automate your work, return on investment – 3-6 months

from 10% more clients in the route


from 20% more cargos in the truck body


from 30% less time in a trip


from 30% less fuel consumption

ANTOR IDP advantages

busier transportation schedule: duration of trips goes down

decrease in car accident risk: feasible plans without speeding

transparent control: objective base for monitoring appears


loyal clients: consistently high level of service is guaranteed

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Key features

Optimize cargo transportation schedule

Software helps a logistics specialist to define an optimal route for a vehicle with the necessary stops taking into account more than 50 parameters important for long-distance transportation:
  • truck body volume;
  • cargo capacity of a truck/trailers;
  • cargo dimensions and weight;
  • compatibility of cargo categories;
  • road network;
  • driver’s working time, etc.

With ANTOR IDP planning duration decreases and freight transport routes become more precise and economical.
Manage expenses and profitability

Integrate software into your ERP-system for cargo transportation managing and keeping overall records of carfleet work – e.g. schedule planning of vehicles service maintenance.

Optimized plans from ANTOR IDP can be exported into ANTOR MonitorMaster for controlling mileage, fuel consumption and details of every loading as a part of complex system of transport management. Besides, the program calculates cost price of every trip and recommends tariffs taking into account desirable profit rate.
Use professional tools

Broad functionality allows users to set up the program for cargo transportation according to the requirements of transport companies and consignors which have different business-processes:

  • cargos on the way and assembled cargos – planning of additional loading in intermediate route points and optimal usage of vehicle capacity;
  • oversized and project cargos – taking into account data about bridges and tunnels, elevation and descent angles on the way;
  • goods distribution – rational order of visiting clients and time of supplying goods to the warehouse for loading, etc.
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