StayinFront Retail Execution

StayinFront SaaS


  • duration of the visit
  • order processing


  • order precision
  • sales volume

Cloud solution for increasing sales in FMCG sector

  • decreases visiting time to a sales outlet without losing efficiency

  • provides an agent fast access to information about a client

  • allows agents to take and immediately send orders to the office

  • controls an employee’s location and activity preventing any violations

  • noun_319638

    gives convincing techniques: presentations, discounts, etc.

Advantages of retail execution automation

from 20% more orders


from 20% more sales


from 25% quicker the visit


from 95% less mistakes

Do More. Know More. Sell More

visits are on time: employees’ work is under control


orders are completed faster: data is processed online


competitors are visible: an agent receives more information


clients are loyal: quality of service goes up

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Key features

Get quality improvement of every visit

StayinFront solutions are aimed at retail execution automation and they increase field personnel efficiency when selling FMCG and pharmaceuticals.

Taking orders in the program a sales representative precisely enters the necessary amount and stock items and the cost is calculated automatically, after that the data is sent to the office to be processed. Your employee can print documents on site, get a client’s electronic signature, take the necessary photos, etc.
Foster sales taking into account your client’s peculiarities

StayinFront enhances retail execution management opportunities. The program provides a quick access of a sales representative to complete information about every client and their communication history and it also allows sales representatives to:
  • perform interactive presentations;
  • agree on individual discounts;
  • make new contracts, etc.

A visiting scenario is found in the form of a task on the agent’s device – visiting time to a sales outlet decreased up to 2 times and the number of mistakes and inaccuracies in the data received is next to zero.
Increase discipline and work efficiency

Due to a special module of tracking coordinates you will always be aware of your employees’ location and their diligence in performing tasks. The program allows you to control sales agents’ KPI and to make solutions based on analyzing problematic situations.

With retail execution managing important for the business data becomes systematic and transparent. Closing or opening of a new store, your competitors’ products on the shelves and lots of other valuable information from the fields timely enter your CRM-system.
Cloud architecture provides the application accessibility on different devices: Android, iOS, Windows.
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