Sales Representatives and Agents Management

ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent


  • driving time
  • intersections of areas


  • number of visits
  • sales volume

Solve problems for which retail execution system isn’t enough

  • noun_285423_cc

    are routes and visiting schedules built by sales representatives themselves?

  • noun_393046

    is work volume distributed unevenly among employees?

  • do agents spend more time on the way or in the office than at the client’s?

  • is visiting a sales outlet often changed with a phone call?

  • noun_438111

    are there conflicts because of intersection in areas of responsibility?

Increase sales to sales outlets in 3-4 months

from 20% more visits


from 20% more orders


from 25% less time on the way


from 30% less agents necessary

ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent optimizes distribution management

transport compensations decrease: routes are optimized


more time for clients’ search: visiting schedules are tight


employees are motivated: even work volume and feasible KPI

control becomes transparent: an objective base for comparison appears

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Key features

Save company resources

ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent automatically creates balanced visiting schedules of sales outlets for a month, quarter or a year and makes distribution management organization better. Work volume is distributed evenly among sales representatives’ team taking into account a lot of factors:
  • a working day duration;
  • types of shops;
  • frequency of visits;
  • road net;
  • product categories, etc.

The calculation allows users to find out an optimal number of agents for visiting all sales outlets and to make their working schedules tighter.
Intensify work with clients

ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent builds rational routes of sales representatives taking into account road net model decreasing driving time. Smart planning allows employees to spend more time in sales outlets and to communicate directly with clients instead of phone calls in order to get the latest information, take orders and monitor competitors’ actions.

The program creates compact servicing areas and sales representatives’ routes for every weekday minimizing intersections between them.

An important stage of work is linking customer addresses to the map (geocoding). For this, ANTOR mapping services are used, as well as paid access keys to Google and Yandex Maps API supported.
Combine strategic management with operational

The complex supports initial data import from different sources – starting with electronic tables up to leading ERP-systems ensuring quick reaction to every change in client base.

For complex management of sales representatives the program can be integrated with mobile trade solutions and it contains tools for defining feasible KPI. Analysis of their execution is done with the help of built-in reporting system with customized report forms.
You can request professional calculation of sales representatives’ routes in ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent from our specialists to speed up return on investment.
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