Optimal Route of a Sales Representative: Rerouting Services

ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent - outsourcing

Innovative approach to optimization of sales business-processes


  • distribution organization
  • growing number of visits


  • no license purchase
  • no system implementation
Increase sales in 1-2 months

from 20% more visits


from 20% more orders


from 25% less time on the way


from 30% less agents necessary

Get a competitive advantage


Sales increase: sales agent’s working day is scheduled by minutes

Expenses decrease: the same volume of work is done with less resources

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Key features

Guarantee of expenses reduction

Our specialists have more than 15 years of experience in building routes for sales representatives.

Making calculations they take into account individual peculiarities of your business and work out rational plans for regional sales branches and distributors in a medium- and long-term perspective. This will allow you to avoid expenses on creating route-engineers team if you start thinking about it.
Accurate strategic planning

You know in advance how many new employees you will need for servicing a new direction and you perform smart recruitment campaigns.

Calculations in ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent system are based on a lot of factors. Their results guarantee on average 20-30% tighter workload of sales representatives, whose routes and schedules remain feasible during a working day.
Built routes of sales representatives

All advantages of a leading in its segment solution ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent are available to you without expenses on buying a license, system implementation and employees’ education.

Outsourcing of sales agents’ work planning guarantees return on investment in 1-2 months and plans built remain relevant for a long time – up to several years.
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