Improve Profitability of Goods Delivery Service



  • number of unprofitable clients
  • unit costs for a delivery


  • planning accuracy
  • quality of service

Finishing touches when automating logistics

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    what is the cost effect of routes optimization?

  • what can help decrease delivery cost?

  • is the existing division on servicing areas optimal?

  • how to measure profitability of a single client?

  • how accurate are delivery rates used at the moment?

ANTOR Logist CPM makes results measurable

visual analytics linked to the map: for prompt solutions


efficiency of measures goes up: problematic clients are clearly identified


planning accuracy increases: areas and rates are optimized


profitability grows: car fleet is used rationally

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Key features

Increase delivery profitability

The program is aimed at analyzing economic efficiency of last mile logistics and defining cargo delivery profitability considering regional factors and order statistics for a definite period.

ANTOR Logist CPM takes into account more than 50 parameters, some of them are:
  • minimum and maximum cost of an order;
  • total cost of orders and profit;
  • average specific mileage by clients;
  • average weight and volume of cargos, their amount, etc.
Monitor profitability of every client

Compare the cost of the whole volume or of certain orders with expenses on their fulfilment to understand the actual cost price of a delivery and to correct the servicing policy accordingly due to prompt solutions of earlier hidden problems.

ANTOR Logist CPM allows users to:
  • range and group their client base on different criteria;
  • constantly monitor efficiency of working with customers;
  • configure servicing areas, identify season trends, etc.
Set objective prices

ANTOR Logist CPM helps define optimal prices for different areas, groups and certain clients based on actual cost price of a delivery. Usage of the actual data from ANTOR TeamMaster™ allows specialists to precisely estimate routes rationality and delivery profitability based on plan-fact analysis which guarantees reliable results.

Solve strategic tasks: where to locate a new warehouse, what cars to use for the carfleet, how many vehicles are worthwhile hiring, etc.
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