Delivery Routes Planning and their Optimization

ANTOR LogisticsMaster™


  • mileage and driving time
  • expenses on fuel and maintenance


  • capacity usage
  • number of points in the route

Solve the main problems of outbound logistics

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    do dispatchers spend several hours on delivery routes planning?

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    is it necessary to hire additional transport regularly?

  • do drivers spend three times more time driving than at the clients’?

  • do transport expenses prevent from stable profit growth?

  • aren’t orders delivered on time during peak demand periods?

Increase profitability in 3-6 months

from 20% more clients per trip


from 20% more truck-body loading


from 25% less time on the way


from 30% less fuel consumption

Use hidden resources for business growth with ANTOR LogisticsMaster™

orders processing is faster: you can take orders longer

additional transport isn’t necessary: loading is more efficient

delivery is on time: customers’ loyalty grows

control improves: routes are objective and feasible

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Key features

Make smart plans for 2-5 minutes

ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ automatically builds and optimizes delivery routes based on about 100 parameters, among which are:
  • data about road net and statistics of traffic jams;
  • cargo and vehicle characteristics;
  • arrival time and duration of unloading;
  • new (8.1): addresses of intermediate warehouses for uploading within the route;
  • cost price of a vehicle trip, etc.

The program allows a logistics specialist not to keep in mind dozens of factors and limitations while planning a delivery from the warehouse or a cargo collection during the trip execution.
Use experience of 4000 projects

ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ can be integrated with different data collecting systems (ERP, CRM, WMS) and it quickly and precisely links points of interest to the map by indicating address or coordinates allowing a dispatcher to start delivery planning without a long period of preparation. The geocoding process is provided via ANTOR mapping services, as well as paid access keys to the Google and Yandex Maps API supported (8.1).

So that the program could answer logistics needs of your company to the fullest, a set of additional modules is available – they enhance the program functionality without modifications during implementation. Our specialists provide efficient after-sales ANTOR™ software and cartography support.
Switch to strategic management of logistics

  • Connection with the warehouse: creating schedules of loading considering departure time and docks availability.
  • Cross-docking: planning delivery through the intermediate warehouse without storage goods.
  • Servicing territory: manual and automatic division on areas.
    The program takes into account neighboring areas while planning and will offer variants of delivery routes to strictly follow them or to make reasonable intersections in order to avoid half-empty trips.
  • Scenarios: customized servicing schemes for different conditions – e.g. for peaks of demand.
  • Analytics: detailed reports with editing forms for making balanced solutions.
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