Delivery Management and Control in Real Time

ANTOR TeamMaster™


  • driving time
  • staying at the client’s


  • service level and quality
  • number of the points served

Solve key problems of goods delivery management

  • how to deliver goods on time through traffic jams?

  • how to efficiently react to conditions changed by customer?

  • is it realistic to fulfill orders on the day they are placed?

  • how to create an objective system of couriers/drivers’ motivation and control?

  • noun_71642

    how to get a proper feedback from mobile employees?

Improve delivery efficiency in 3-6 months

from 20% less mileage


from 20% more points in a trip


from 25% more deliveries on time


from 30% quicker the service

ANTOR TeamMaster™ provides communication between the office, an employee and a client


the service becomes quicker: precise tasks on the driver’s device

the client less often misses delivery: task tracking on the map


goods turnover grows: payment can be done on site


bonuses are distributed transparently: KPI formulation, control and analysis

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Key features

Manage goods delivery in real time

ANTOR TeamMaster™ sends optimized delivery plans onto mobile devices of implementers allowing them to correct routes if necessary taking into account current traffic congestion.

With the help of the program dispatchers control drivers and couriers’ location as well as:
  • calls and texts from an employee’s device;
  • changes in tasks statuses;
  • delivered and received cargo;
  • sales amount, etc.
Increase mobile personnel efficiency

ANTOR TeamMaster™ allows users to contact the client by phone in one click or to notify the client about the planned time of an employee’s arrival sending a link for tracking on the map.

As a part of complex delivery management the program allows couriers to accept cash and cashless payments with printing receipts on site – it encourages sales growth and at the same time duration of stay at the client’s and the number of documents given decline. Deploying the system helps ecommerce and express-delivery companies to completely meet actual requirements of 54-FZ.
Show business uniqueness in the system configuration

Creating and editing user task forms allow users to equally efficiently use the program for courier delivery, distribution and cargo forwarding.

ANTOR TeamMaster™ can be perfectly integrated with IT-infrastructure of the company importing initial data about orders and/or optimal routes and uploading the necessary results into your account.
React to problems and eliminate their causes

With ANTOR TeamMaster™ you control not only the fact of visiting the client but also every action your employee performs being at the client’s. The system keeps complete data on tasks and messages ensuring access to them at any time.

Due to flexible set-up of report forms and keeping problems reference book, detailed delivery analysis is possible – couriers management and bonuses distribution based on work results become transparent and it increases motivation.
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