Complex Automation of Delivery in the Cloud

ANTOR LogistInWeb™


  • number of vehicles
  • planning time


  • number of points in the route
  • quality of service

Solve delivery burning problems

  • are existing routes optimal from the point of view of mileage and time?

  • is the necessary level of service provided to all clients?

  • does increase in business turnover demand employment of more logistics specialists?

  • what are drivers and couriers busy during working time with?

  • how to automate delivery management in the shortest time possible?

Optimize transport logistics in 1-2 months

from 20% less trips


from 20% more goods in the truck


from 20% less mileage


from 50% quicker the planning

Use resources for business growth with ANTOR LogistInWeb™

saving on transport: number of trips and fuel consumption decrease

calculations acceleration: logistics specialists will be able to perform a larger volume of work

motivation growth: feasible KPI for drivers and couriers are formulated

quick return on investment: expenses using the program are minimal

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Key features

Use functionality of leading IT-solutions

ANTOR LogistInWeb™ contains a set of professional tools for planning and optimizing delivery routes at any point of Russia and the whole world. Using Yandex or Google mapping services and flexible settings of data import, a logistics specialist will be able to timely distribute orders into the vehicles available providing rational servicing order and at the same time considering clients’ requirements.

The system takes into account more than 50 parameters, including compatibility of cargo categories, drivers’ working time, fuel consumption, etc.
Improve customers’ loyalty

Integrate drivers’ mobile devices for exchanging actual data and monitoring route tasks execution in real time. Speed and quality of service increase due to flexible reaction on appearance of new orders and changing in conditions of earlier accepted ones.

ANTOR LogistInWeb™ optimizes a delivery process from the order of goods loading at the warehouse up to receiving confirmation from the last client in the route. Analyze work results with the help of built-in reports editor or export reports into your ERP-system.
Become more mobile with cloud logistics

Delivery automation with ANTOR LogistInWeb™ doesn’t require purchasing a license or inviting specialists for implementation. Using cloud calculations initial investments give way to a transparent payment model based on the volume of completed requests.

Other advantages of using our software as a service:
  • updates are installed automatically;
  • support is included into regular monthly payments;
  • does not require server installation and maintenance;
  • available at any point of the world.
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