Analytical System of Vehicle Tracking & Tracing

ANTOR MonitorMaster


  • deviations from routes
  • expenses on fuel and maintenance


  • quality of clients’ service
  • drivers’ discipline

Solve burning problems with the help of satellite monitoring of transport

  • are goods delivered to clients on time?

  • what are drivers busy during their working day with?

  • are conditions of cargo transportation kept?

  • noun_313335

    how to control fuel consumption?

  • noun_319365_cc

    how to track route deviations on time?

Make car fleet management organized in 2-4 months

less mileage


less expenses on MRO


more deliveries on time


lower fuel consumption

ANTOR MonitorMaster helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses

precision in order fulfillment grows: monitoring routes and visits to points

decrease in car accident risk and vehicle wear: monitoring speeding

cargo safety improves: sensors of temperature, truck-body opening, etc.

violations won’t be forgotten: data analysis for any given period

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Key features

Monitor conditions of trips and drivers’ work

ANTOR MonitorMaster can be integrated with a wide range of GPS/GLONASS terminals as well as with the main models of tachographs which contain a monitoring module. Additional sensors integrated into the system allow users to control in real time the necessary parameters of vehicles work:
  • fuel consumption;
  • temperature in the truck-body;
  • pressure on axis;
  • driving quality;
  • passenger flow (for buses), etc.

For vehicles where it’s possible to connect to a CAN-bus the total number of parameters can reach 200. Our specialists will help you choose an optimal system configuration for transport control taking into account peculiarities of your business.
Make balanced solutions

Usage of delivery plans downloaded from ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ / ANTOR IDP will allow you to timely detect problems in every trip and to react to them monitoring compliance with optimized routes.

You can flexibly set up content and view of every analytical report and also upload information into your ERP-system. Data storage time isn’t limited. ANTOR MonitorMaster supports data transfer through protocols of side monitoring systems – retranslation will provide control over transport of your permanent contractors in unified format.
Monitor transport even if you are out of office

Convenient web-interface supplements functionality of the system client version in terms of monitoring transport routes and fuel consumption allowing you to receive notifications via e-mail or SMS and to timely react to any contingency.

The program analyzes parameters of vehicle movement and automatically notifies a dispatcher about less significant events: e.g. leaving the warehouse.
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