Takeda in Russia uses GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracking software by ANTOR since 2011, and earlier, since 2007 Nycomed Distribution Center LLC successfully used this solution within over 4 years.

The software complex initially was deployed in 11 Russian branches in purpose to optimize business-process and increase our employees safety. Selecting ANTOR GC as a vendor was caused by ANTOR tracking system mature functionalities and a significant volume of proven positive references from its users. Another important factor was the fact these references concerned after-sales support as well as software itself.

After the first stage (May 2008) of ANTOR monitoring system implementation had been completed, GPS tracking devices were installed on 100 company's cars, and the following tasks were solved:

1. control of following speed limits by drivers across all the Russian Federation,
2. control of following working schedule by employees,
3. control of idle time and actual mileage of corporate car fleet,
4. control of corporate vehicles use efficiency.

Thus, within a few months of operating we had noticed reducing number and duration of invalid idle times up to 10% in average, and fuel costs decreased up to 20% in several regions. Employees had started do their work more responsible, what positively influenced different KPI and corporate image in general. By 2016 the number of connected objects is above 750 in 83 Russian cities all over the country, and we highly appreciate this cooperation.

On behalf of Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC i would like to express a gratitude to ANTOR for excellent control automation system development and deployment, what led to increase in employees work efficiency; as well as for professionalismand fast reaction on any current issues related to its daily operation.

Looking forward to further cooperation with your company.