Reference letter on ANTOR IT-solutions implementation in Danone Indusrty LLC

Groupe Danone is the world leading healthy food manufacturer, represented in Russia by 18 factories and having a broad distribution centers network across all the major cities.

Steady growth of the Russian segment of Danone business had required to pay extra attention to the quality of logistical planning to ensure that our products reach retail stores fresh, keeping their favor. In 2009, having carefully studied on the market solutions for transportation and distribution optimization, we chose the solution offered by ANTOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS company.

Within the frames of management automation project based on ANTOR solutions, we focused on several important tasks. First of all, we needed to reqularize the business-process of order collection to reduce unevenness of receiving and executing orders. Second, optimize use of the corporate fleet performing products delivery to customers, and, as possible, reduce costs on transport logistics.

Using ANTOR TerraMaster Agent we defined customer service areas for sales representatives based on average volume of orders being received. Such an approach allowed us reducing unevenness of orders receiving by days of the week.

Planning delivery routes is carried out in ANTOR LogisticsMaster. Just a few months after the deployment its efficiency was confirmed by practice. For example, in the Nizhny Novgorod Danone branch, it was observed the reduction in number of daily routes by 10%, and decrease of average path between delivery points up to 15%. These results covered the investment made in the system implementation.

After 7 years the geography of ANTOR LogisticsMaster covering has increased by 9 additional regional branches. The system is actively used in daily work, providing rapid delivery requests processing and allows us to create correct routes for better customer service.

ANTOR Group of Companies has established itself as a responsible IT vendor with a high-quality technical support. Besides solving current tasks operatively, their specialists repeatedly solved special issues. Our plans for continuing cooperation involve further development of transport management process and achieving high, valuable results.