ANTOR TeamMaster™ update for ecommerce automation (54 Federal Law in Russia)

The Russian Federal Law «On the application of cash register equipment» requires both the seller of goods and their representative to issue a cash receipt to the customer, send the check information to the Federal Tax Service and use the appropriate cash registers with a fiscal storage device. The 54-FZ requirements concern not only ecommerce, but also 3PL operators providing the express delivery service for online stores. How do those two types of businesses prepare for changing realities? New features offered by ANTOR TeamMaster™ software for automating delivery of ecommerce companies consider their industry specificity.

1. Prepayments

A lot of customers pay for goods immediately on the website. Although the cash receipt in this case must be sent electronically, they have the right to demand a paper copy. For working with the order and the ability to print a receipt at the client’s place, the complete transaction data after an advance payment is now transferred and made available in ANTOR TeamMaster™ via the acquiring service.

2. Purchase returns

The 54-FZ current version claims the online store must use cash register equipment to process the return of goods previously bought. Working with the mobile app, the courier can submit a purchase return in the task and give customer a receipt with the appropriate indication of operation.

3. Sale from different legal entities

If the ecommerce company delivers the nomenclature from different legal entities, the order can be conditionally divided by the software. The same time, courier does not have to carry a stack of cash registers to receive payments from each organization: operations can be handled remotely - right in the office, with different fiscal registers. The data of each cash receipt is immediately transferred to both FTS and customer and duplicated in the ANTOR TeamMaster ™ app, so that the courier can print them via a single device on customer site.

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