ANTOR logistics software supports the cross-docking functionalities

The May update of the transportation management software ANTOR Logistics Master™ has brought a new opportunity to work with orders transported on a cross-docking scheme - when goods are flown to a warehouse not for storage, but for local distribution by transport of lesser capacity.

What is the difference between this planning mode and optimal delivery routes calculation familiar for many users?
  • First, it connects two operations: shipping to the warehouse and delivery to customers from there, and allows you to correspond the start time of each trip.
  • Secondly, it provides new tools of orders combining for transportation.

As before, users of ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ will be able to work both manually and automatically, and the reports generated by the system will now show all the vehicles participated in delivery of a particular order on its way to the buyer.

A number of large distribution companies and retail chains in Russia operating through regional distribution centers have already assessed the new opportunities for their logistics the software provides after the upgrade.

Learn more how cross-docking and other ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ features can help your business get the most out of automation. Our specialists will find the optimal solution for planning delivery routes tailored to your individual needs. 15 years of experience in the field of transportation management and logistics automation allows ANTOR to offer a wide range of industry modules to the software.