03.12.2020 News Leading distributor in the Republic of Belarus develops cooperation with ANTOR to control delivery routes Implementation of ANTOR TeamMaster delivery routes control system in Dobrada LLC was finished in autumn 2020.
16.10.2020 Press Releases Baikal-Service together with ANTOR set up clients to inform online The transport company "Baikal-Service" together with the ANTOR implemented a project that allowed improving the system of notifications of the delivery in the largest cities of Russia.
31.03.2020 News ANTOR works nonetheless: our support for logistics programs will not stop The ANTOR team successfully transferred to work from home, continuing to solve clients' tasks of optimizing and controlling delivery routes at a time when many of them faced an increase in orders of 20-30%
23.03.2020 News Go to remote: -19% on programs for logistics and delivery control ANTOR after a remote meeting ANTOR offers special conditions for customers who refuse personal meetings in favor of remote
03.10.2019 Events ANTOR enterprise logistics software on GITEX 2019, Dubai ANTOR Group of Companies, the leading Russian vendor of enterprise logistics software, will take part in GITEX Technology Week 2019 with its cloud-based route planner LogistInWeb™ and ANTOR TerraMaster™ system for planning work of sales representatives.
31.05.2019 News The demand for ANTOR programs for automation transport logistics management is growing ANTOR Group of Companies began 2019 with an increase in the number of successful large-scale projects, increasing its turnover by 18% over the same period in previous years.
21.03.2019 Events Results of the Roundtable in development of ANTOR TerraMaster ™ Agent On March 20, a round table on the topic “Effective planning tools for sales agents and merchandisers” was held in the office of ANTOR Group of Companies.
13.02.2019 News Gradient Distribution has implemented ANTOR software The leading FMCG distributor has implemented the ANTOR LogisticsMaster ™ delivery routing program and the ANTOR TeamMaster ™ mobile application.
20.11.2018 News ANTOR LogisticsMaster ™ 8.1: the program will take into account picking up of the order at several warehouses when building routes In ANTOR LogisticsMaster ™ 8.1 there will be new features required in delivering of large-sized and grouped orders.
16.11.2018 News The new version of the ANTOR TeamMaster ™ automation system will support the smooth transition of online stores and courier services to FFD 1.05 Users of the system from the number of online stores and delivery services will be able to meet the new requirements of the legislation after January 1, 2019.
26.10.2018 Events Results of ANTOR seminar of sales representatives management Seminar “How to increase the efficiency of the sales teams of FMCG companies by optimizing logistic processes” organized by ANTOR and SCM Leaders Council, took place on October 24, at the Gorbachev Foundation Building.
15.10.2018 Events ANTOR seminar in Moscow: how to build routes for sales representatives and increase sales by 15-20%? Proper planning of sales representatives routes allows you to increase sales by 15-20%. Experience of market leaders – October, 24, Moscow.
26.09.2018 Events ANTOR solutions for e-commerce logistics on E-COMSPACE OPEN STREET September 28 in Moscow there will be a business forum E-COMSPACE OPEN STREET. On the agenda is the logistics of online stores.
21.07.2017 News New ANTOR TeamMaster™ courier application interface ANTOR developers improved design of mobile application for delivery management and its authorization facilities
06.06.2017 News ANTOR TeamMaster™ update for ecommerce automation (54 Federal Law in Russia) New in-demand features of ANTOR TeamMaster™ software for express delivery & ecommerce – complete support of 54-FZ requirements
01.06.2017 News ANTOR logistics software supports the cross-docking functionalities Planning optimal delivery routes through the cross-dock is now available in ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ 6.3
09.03.2017 News ANTOR experts calculated delivery routes for 700 bouquets on Women's Day On the eve of the holiday ANTOR received a request for urgent planning of fresh flowers delivery in St. Petersburg.
27.01.2017 News Express-delivery automation: a new procedure for using mobile POS terminals in Russia Briefly about the relevant issues introduced by the Federal Law N 54 and how ANTOR™ solutions help online shops to increase efficiency of sales while delivery.