ANTOR Group of Companies: about us

17 years on the market of transport automation systems

Expansion of our presence: Russia, CIS, BRICS

More than 60% of TMS installations in Russia

More than 4000 software installations

Since 2003 ANTOR™ IT-solutions have been assisting middle and big business enterprises to efficiently deliver goods to their customers, to control their transport fleet and to manage their sales representatives and other mobile employees: drivers, couriers and service engineers. Software solutions are developing along with the market taking into account industry trends and unique needs of every client.

Success of ANTOR Group of Companies is based on combining individual approach to projects and considerable experience. Our team of programmers and cartographers has devoted 25 years to geo-information systems development being among the pioneers of this direction in Russia.
The Group of Companies consists of ANTOR Business Solutions Ltd. (ANTOR™ software development and support) and ANTOR Technologies Ltd. (hardware management of GPS/GLONASS monitoring complex).

Our History

  • Founding ANTOR Business Solutions Ltd. The company staff: 12 people.

  • Launching delivery routes planning system ANTOR LogisticsMaster™.

  • Launching a series of software solutions ANTOR TerraMaster™ (Location, Agent, Analyst) for geomarketing.

  • Launching real estate management system ANTOR EstateMaster™.

  • Joining the Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation.

  • Launching transport monitoring system ANTOR MonitorMaster.

  • Opening a representative office in Saint-Petersburg.

  • Launching mobile workforce monitoring system ANTOR PocketMaster™.

  • Launching intercity delivery planning system ANTOR IDP.

  • Launching a telematics version of ANTOR MonitorMaster 1.5.

  • Launching delivery efficiency analytic system ANTOR Logist CPM.

  • More than 1000 projects in the company profile.

  • According to DSS Consulting studyANTOR™ accounts for more than 70% of domestic TMS implementations in Russia in 2008-2010.

  • Strategic partnership with Yandex.Traffic Jams OOO and TechnoCom OOO.

  • Restructuring the business and founding the Group of Companies ANTOR.

  • ANTOR Group of Companies wins the rating Logistics Operator in Russia in 2010 in the nomination IT-Solutions Provider in Logistics.

  • According to DSS Consulting study ANTOR™ accounts for more than 60% of domestic TMS implementations in Russia in 2011.

  • Holding the first Partner Conference of ANTOR Group of Companies.

  • Launching mobile personnel operational management system ANTOR TeamMaster™.

  • The company 10th anniversary. More than 2500 projects and about 70 regular employees.

  • Launching a new version of ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ 6.0 with tools for scenario planning.

  • New regional policy and partner program.

  • Strategic partnership with StayinFront (USA) – provider of cloud mobile solutions for sales management.

  • Launching cloud-based transport management system ANTOR Enterprise.

  • More than 3500 projects in the RF, CIS and BRICS in the company profile.

  • First active users of ANTOR LogistInWeb™ cloud service. Total project portfolio of the company reaches ~ 4000.
  • Major updates of all the solution range: ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ 7.1, ANTOR TeamMaster™ 1.7 (54-FZ), etc.
  • ANTOR brand is 15 years old!
  • We continue developing together with our Clients and enhancing quality of our service.
  • ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ 8.3 - a new version that supports multiple depots in a route and paid keys for Internet cards.
  • LogistinWeb™ - updated with new monitoring and mobile app features. Customers have started moving to the platform.
  • Technical support and maintenance services were reorganized: more than 90% of requests get solved on time without escalation.

Our Customers

Market leaders trust us

ALD Automotive – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
aqualife – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Avesta Pharma – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Azbuka Vkusa – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
danone – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Fazer – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
grein holding – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
JDE – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
knauf – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
komus – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
MARS – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
migratorg – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
mondelez – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Moskvorechie Trading – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Nestle – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Ostankino – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
OZON – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Pepsi – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Russkiy Holod – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
SUEK – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
sun inbev – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
takeda – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
toitoi – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
Westwing – ANTOR LogisticsMaster.

Licenses & Certificates

A recognized quality of ANTOR IT products and services