ANTOR LogisticsMaster™ 8.3

Plan routes considering intermediate loading addresses, with support of paid map services, etc.

Increase your sales by 15-20% with sales representatives automation

Complex solution for FMCG companies

Delivery from Internet-shop on the day of order is a reality

Automate delivery service with ANTOR TeamMaster™

Transport logistics optimization has become more affordable

15 years of ANTOR™ experience in up-to-date cloud-based form

New Look at Your Business –

Automation of transport logistics and sales representatives

ANTOR Group of Companies is a leading developer of IT-solutions for transport logistics automation and mobile personnel management.

Using unique geo-information technologies and routes optimization algorithms we offer solutions which improve sales business-processes efficiency of middle and big enterprises up to 30-40% and we provide complete after-sales project support.


Why do
Choose us?

  • up to 30%

    cutting transport costs after implementation
  • 16 years

    expertise of successful logistics automation projects
  • 24-availability-customer-hour-hours-service-support


    options of technical support and SLA
  • Modularity

    Complementary program tools with broad functionalities
  • Integration

    with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft ERPs; GPS tracking and other platforms
  • 2 months

    average implementations terms according to approved schedule


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Different spheres of production and sales

Over 4000 installations for 15 years on the market

Expansion of our presence: Russia, CIS, BRICS



'After a successful test in 2014 the software complex use was expanded onto all the 55 regions of our presence in Russian Federation. <…> Deployment of this program allowed optimizing personnel costs and reducing transport compensation in several regions.'


'Within a few months of operating we had noticed reducing number and duration of invalid idle times up to 10% in average, and fuel costs decreased up to 20% in several regions.'


'Using ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent we defined customer service areas for sales representatives based on average volume of orders being received. Such an approach allowed us reducing unevenness of orders receiving by days of the week. Planning delivery routes is carried out in ANTOR LogisticsMaster™. <…> It was observed the reduction in number of daily routes by 10%, and decrease of average path between delivery points up to 15%.'