Control over Sales Representatives in Real Time

ANTOR TeamMaster™


  • driving time
  • duration of the visit


  • number of visits
  • discipline

What happens when there is lack of control over sales agents?

  • noun_319365_cc

    plans and frequency of visiting sales outlets are violated

  • employees don’t have enough time for looking for new clients

  • visiting sales outlets is replaced by phone calls

  • noun_542342

    some clients get visited by several agents

  • noun_572833

    there appear kilometers of extra mileage in working time

Improve mobile personnel efficiency in 2-4 months

from 20% more visits


from 25% less time on the way


from 25% quicker the visit


from 95% KPI accomplishment

ANTOR TeamMaster™ supplements retail execution opportunities


operational connection: calls in one click, messenger, problems reference book

integration with equipment: cash registers, mobile printers, bar codes scanners

work visualization: routes and tasks statuses on the map by days/weeks

navigation simplification: uploading and correcting planned routes

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Key features

Be aware of the situation in the fields

ANTOR TeamMaster™ allows users to track sales representatives moving, current location and calls with the help of Android mobile application. All data including GPS-coordinates, call logs and employee’s actions, enter your database and are available for analysis at any time.

Using the program a supervisor can control plans execution of sales representatives or merchandisers’ team and form detailed reports on routes and visiting results at the same time.
Use the solution which suits your tasks

In addition to controlling options the application supports client’s data collection by sales agents and performing certain operations, such as:
  • questioning;
  • merchandising;
  • payment acceptance and others.

The system has a built-in templates editor for creating unique task forms reflecting specifics of your company business-processes. Set-up of analytical reports has the same level of flexibility and allows users to control sales representatives’ KPI execution and to adjust sales plans accordingly.
Add planning to factual control

Advantages of sales representatives automation increase if you import optimized visiting schedules from ANTOR TerraMaster™ Agent into ANTOR TeamMaster™ application. Due to their strict implementation and decrease in an employee’s way between sales outlets the number of visits grows.

Unexpected traffic jams won’t make plans execution impossible: a sales representative or a merchandiser will change the route in the mobile application in order to avoid traffic congestion and to arrive at the client’s outlet on time.
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